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The problem! Big problem

Did you know? That packaging in the Fashion industry accounts for 59% of plastic consumption. We’re not talking about garment waste here – that's for another time. All together the carbon footprint is significantly high. 😣


We’re taking active measures, in whichever way possible to reduce the carbon foot print. One of the measures we’ve recently taken is consciously shifting towards shipping bags; not plastic covers, not even bio-degradable covers but, bags.

Bags! Really?😮

Yes, bags made out recycled pet bottles that are 100% environment friendly. We’ll get into the details about these bags a little later.

Cut....Switch Scene... 🎬

Ecovia calls Aristobrat

Pranjul casually rings up Karan to talk about returnable packaging as a service. One meeting, couple of coffee sessions later we decided to partner. A partnership to create an unparalleled packaging experience, where the customers would receive their products in bags, which can be returned in exchange for a reward.

Ecovia’s mission is to develop and commercialize high performing bags from sustainable processes.

“We wanted to make something kickass and inexpensive for brands and consumers, while solving the bigger packaging waste problem. Aim was to help consumers get a superior and guilt-free experience, to be able to return the packaging while also getting rewarded, to experience circularity in its truest form!”

- Pranjul, Co founder - Ecovia

Aristobrat chose to switch to returnable shipping bags

Cut...Rewind....Back to bags 🎬


Made from recycled pet bottles. They hold the 5 R’s - Renewable, Recycled, Reusable, Returnable, Revolutionary 💯

The bags are 5x times more durable, twice as secure, water proof and look pretty damn good. They have the potential to eliminate 2.7 million metric ton of e-commerce waste.

“Adapting to these bags meant a 100% increase in the packaging costs and taking a hit on margins. But sometimes, you just cannot put a price on things like customer experience and the environment. So, we said, F**K it! It’s for the sake of a better future-let’s do it!"

- Karan, Founder - Aristobrat

All of this, just to make sure our kids have a better life in the future.

Finally, the impact!

Facts on carbon foot print saved by 1 bag: 

- Up to 1.6 plastic bottles recycled to produce each packaging bag

- 100 reuses of the same package to replace 100 single-use bags

- 122g CO2e average savings per package life (same as you would have saved by walking a km daily)

- Potential to eliminate 2.7 million metric ton of e-commerce packaging waste

We strive to bring a change and are willing to take steps for it, are you ❓