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Pants. Pajamas. Both.

Pants. Pajamas. Both.

By the way it's Ja-maas!

Dual Waist Band

1/4 standard, 3/4 elastic



75% of elastic stretches to provide a more comfortable fit at the waist.



If you in between sizes the elasticity helps fit the waist while keeping all other measurements intact.

Premium Twill Cotton.

Ultra-soft hand feel, the surface smoothened to prevent scratchiness and pilling over frequent wash cycles.

Take a closer look.

A textile weave with a pattern of diagonal parallel ribs.

4-way stretch woven.

Everything about tjamas is made to move. The stretch twill is engineered for resilient stretch while maintaining a sharp look.

Weight? It's lighhhtt..

Weighs around 300 grams. For us, this is the lightest pant you step out in, all dressed up!

Ideal for....

as a chino or a denim alternative.



Best thing that ever happened to pants. Since pants.

Lets learn a little about 4-way stretch.

The Science of stretch

Mastering elasticity is key to the comfort, feel, and functionality of our pant. By weaving thecotton around the lycra, we’re able to preserve the inherent durable nature typical of the twill,while simultaneously providing the performance, comfort and superior stretch.

The Deal - what you get?

Typically pants with a stretch component will only stretch horizontally. These pants unique high performance twill stretches vertically and horizontally.

'Lyrca' or elastane blended into the cotton (just a fraction amount) creates a better range of motion for active people who require both form and function simultaneously in their daily wardrobe.

Without sacrificing the look, this pant provides ultimate comfort and freedom of movement, while looking truly premium.

Some facts about Lycra?

What is lycra?

Spandex, Lycra or elastane is a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity.

Is it harmful?

Absolutely not! Only a fraction is used 5-7% in the entire garment. It doesn't not tamper with the primary fabric used in the garment.

What other benefits does it have?

It helps garment retain shape, enhances garment life & adds a bit of luster thereby giving it a more luxurious look.


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