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Little details that matter!

Features for modern work and play combining comfort and functionality without sacrificing sharp styling.

Smart Rib

Crafted with high-grade 4x4 rib, our material expands upon stretching and quickly regains its original shape when released.

Anti-Curl Collars

The collars feature a durable collar bone infusion, ensuring that shirt collars stay free from curling.

Intelligent Waistband

Our formal trousers boast flexi-waistbands that expand 5-10% when seated, providing the comfort of sweats without compromising a clean silhouette. Say goodbye to bunching, ensuring comfort whether sitting, standing, or on the go.

Dual Waist Band

Introducing Tjamas™, our distinctive casual pants with a waistband comprising ¾ elastic and ¼ standard, catering to waistlines that fall between sizes.

Wrinkle Resistance

Our trousers, crafted from easy-care fabric, make your workday simpler. Move freely without concerns about wrinkles, and in some instances, wear them on consecutive days hassle-free.

Snap-on Cuffs

Our classic shirts come with an effortless cuff feature, featuring metal snap-on buttons that replace the traditional button-hole. Say goodbye to the struggle of dealing with your wrists, especially during rush hour.

Shirt Gripper

Featuring a discreet rubber gripper around the waist, our shirt stays securely tucked in, ensuring a neat appearance throughout the day.

4-way Stretch

Our ultra-high density knitting provides the flexibility of athletic wear combined with the comfort of loungewear, all while maintaining a sharp and polished appearance.