Instant luxury: The Piqué T-shirt

Piqué knit fabric + classic t-shirt = Voila!

Why we made it

They say that different is good. We took the piqué fabric, traditionally used for Polo Shirts, and added a refined twist to the classic T-Shirt. The iconic look of the waffle knit combined with a minimalist T-Shirt design is an instant, luxury essential of any modern wardrobe. It's like the Chris Hemsworth a.k.a Thor of t-shirt!

Keeps it shape

Stronger fabric that resists twistingand warping in wash resultingin a T-Shirt that keeps its shapeand fit throughout its lifetime.

Deeper Color

The fineness of the cotton fibresallows the color to penetratedeeper into the core of the fibrewhich makes the color longlastingand luxuriously vibrant.

Comfortable & Versatile

The long cotton fibres makes themless prone to wear and tearresulting in T-Shirt that looksand feels fresh for longer.

In 3 most versatile colors.

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