Simply put - it's a thick, heavy-duty t-shirt with a function to keep you warm.

Made with French Terry Cotton.

Light-weight, moisture-wicking material that's super comfortable to wear any day of the year.

It is strong, durable & last longgggg..

French Terry can withstand rubbing, tugging, twisting, pulling without causing damage.

Designed to look simple yet great.

We've not just made it, we've made it thoughtfully.

Invisible Stitch at the neck for a neat appearance.

Smart rib that stays put & regains shape.

It also features hidden, passport sized pockets.

Zipper pockets on either side to secure your valuables, when on the move.

And because they're always 2 kinds of people.

They come in 2 styles.

  • Classic
  • Zipper

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French Terry Cotton

French Terry features the looping and piling just like terry fabric, but only on one side, that is on the inside which provides a cozy warmth upon wearing it.

The looped piles on one side (Inside), allows the fabric to maintain the features it’s known for, but creates a sought-after, wearable look. 100% Cotton Plays a vital role in giving a snuggly-soft feel to French Terry fabric.

Qualities that make French Terry a reliable fabric for an active lifestyle or fashionable speaking - streetwear.

Strong and Durable.French Terry can withstand rubbing, tugging, twisting, pulling without causing damage.

Moisture Absorbent. The un-brushed loops of french terry tend to wick moisture quickly. Also, french terry made with cotton thread can absorb up to 27 times its weight in water.

Lasts Longer.It has 4x life than that of other common fabrics and doesn’t deform despite repeated washes.

Flexible.It is highly flexible and has a great amount of stretch and the products of this fabric have proven to be comfortable for the usage of physical activities.