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What is Terry?

A soft fabric made up of large uncut looped piles. The piles are on both sides of the fabric which help absorb large amounts of water. The length of the piles controls the amount of water that can be absorbed by the fabric.

The French Terry

French Terry features the looping and piling just like terry fabric, but only on one side, that is on the inside which provides a cozy warmth upon wearing it.

The looped piles on one side (Inside), allows the fabric to maintain the features it’s known for, but creates a sought-after, wearable look. 100% Cotton Plays a vital role in giving a snuggly-soft feel to French Terry fabric. 

French Terry is considered to be a relatively stable fabric to sew with. We’ve used double needle stitch to put the garment together and long-narrow zig-zag stitch to take care of the raw edges and to perfectly secure them.


4 reasons why French Terry is perfect for casual wear

Strong and Durable

French Terry can withstand rubbing, tugging, twisting, pulling without causing damage.

Moisture Absorbent

The un-brushed loops of french terry tend to wick moisture quickly. Also, french terry made with cotton thread can absorb up to 27 times its weight in water. 

Lasts Longer

It has 4x life than that of other common fabrics and doesn’t deform despite repeated washes.


It is highly flexible and has a great amount of stretch and the products of this fabric have proven to be comfortable for the usage of physical activities. 

In comparison with Brushed Fleece

Brushed fleece is an alternative to Terry to produce joggers, sweatshirts, hoodies, shorts & other casual wear alike. Therefore it makes a great use for a side-to-side comparison.

  French Terry Brushed Fleece
Yarns Intact Shredded
On the reverse Short loops Fuzzy
Absorbency High Low
Weight Light Heavy

Things you might want to know

Is it prone to pilling?

Pilling takes place when the yarns break, get tangled and form tiny balls of yarn at the surface of the fabric. It is a commonly occurred issue caused by wear and tear, but French Terry is densely constructed knit fabric, the yarns are closely intact and are much stronger. So with French Terry,​ you can kiss goodbye to pilling.

What makes French Terry durable?

French terry can withstand pressure as it is a knit fabric and the interlocked loops create a strong structure which contributes to its durability.

Will it retain its shape?

Due to its weight, it can give structure and shape to the garments. The tight-knit resembles a rich texture and helps retain its shape.

How to wash French terry?

French Terry has no special washing and drying requirements. Wash in cold water (80°F/25°C) and tumble dry on medium heat.


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